How the last Muslim will enter Jannah from Hell?

I was going through the Hadith which was just beautiful. I couldn’t resist reading it again and again. I was simply overwhelmed by the kindness of Allah Almighty. He, the Almighty, is very kind towards His creation.

Some of the Hadith tend to throw light on the life of hereafter: there are Hadith that depict how would People on the Day of Judgment be treated, what will be bounties of Jannah and how miserable would be the hell.

One of the similar Hadith is the one narrated by Abu Huraira. The lengthy Hadith’s last part covers the topic “How the last Muslim will enter Jannah from hell?” the Hadith is sourced from Sahih al-Bukhari (Hadith number: 806)

A man would be left between Jannah and Hell on the day of Judgement

The Last part of the Hadith narrates that on the Day of Judgment when Allah Almighty will be done with judging the people and granting them the Jannah or hell according to their deeds, a man would be left. He would be left between Jannah and hell.

He would be facing Hell and make his last wish

He would not be admitted to hell, yet his face would be facing it. The heat of hell would dry him, and its harsh winds would hurt him, so he will cry in pain that Oh Allah, please let there be a distance between me and hell.

Allah would ask him that would this be his last wish. Would he ask for anything else? The man would swear that he won’t. He would plead, cry and appeal.

Allah will turn his face to Jannah

Finally, his face would be turned towards the Jannah. The beauty of Jannah would appeal him so much that he would wish he would just stand near it, but he has made a promise. After a long time of patience, he would finally utter that oh Lord, let me just reach the gates of Jannah, I want to see it closely.

Allah would remind him of his promise on which he would appeal that don’t destine him to be the most miserable creations. Allah would then confirm that if this is his last wish? He would again swear that this would be his last wish.  He would continue to appeal and plead until he is put near the gates of Jannah.


He would be placed near the gates of Jannah

The beauty of Jannah would make him step inside it, yet he would remember his promise. He would stand impatiently outside the gates of Jannah, wishing he could enter it. Finally, he will break his silence and ask Allah to let him enter the Jannah.

On this Allah would say that Son of Adam, you are certainly unbelievable. What about the promises you made? On this, the man would have the same appeal that not to destine him as the most miserable creation!

Allah will let him enter the Jannah

Allah Almighty would laugh (Subhan Allah) and would let him enter Jannah. Allah would then ask him his wishes and grant them. The man would ask for blessings and Allah would grant them. Allah would even help him recall certain blessing by saying what about this one and that one?

Until the man is satisfied with all what is granted, Allah would say that all your wishes will be granted and shall be doubled!

Subhan Allah! The man who did not deserve paradise would enjoy the bounties of it. The man who broke his promises shall be granted all his wishes and that too in double! This is certainly beautiful. Allah is so kind to His creation and He is so forgiving!

This Hadith certainly is one of the most beautiful ones. Reading it gave me Goosebumps!  May Allah forgive us all and let us enter Jannah!

Source: Sahi Bukhari 806