Beliefs of the Barelvis

Question What are the beliefs of the Bareilawi (or Barelvi) sect?. Answer Similar Answers Praise be to Allaah.The Bareilawis are an extreme Sufi sect that appeared in the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent, in the city of Bareilly, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh during the days of British colonialism. The basic principles of their misguided, deviant … Read more

The Aqidah of the Barelvi

Shaikh Talib ur Rehman Compiled, Translated and Annotated Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari Contents Publishers Introduction – Salafi Research Institute The Aqeedah of Wahdatul Wajood (Unity of Existence) Shirk in the Attributes of Allaah The Prophets Slave Seeking Help From Other Than Allaah Calling Upon Other Than Allaah Other Than Allaah Can Remove Calamities … Read more